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   It's all about Family   

Montana is home, and family is everything. This mother-daughter team started up with both of those things in mind. Misty enjoys candle-making, while Corri dips into all other crafts (crochet, needle point, sewing...) What is a better way to get some bonding time in than to start a business selling what we love and are passionate about? We're enjoying every minute of it. Putting our minds together, we've created our own line of Montana apparel that captures how we view the state, while incorporating some extra personality.


Marie is the middle name of four generations of women in our family - grandmother, mother, daughter, and grandbaby are all "Maries".  Montana is where we want to be, it's home. It's where we always return. So naming our business was easy. Montana Marie is proud to be a Made in Montana company, and we wear our badge with pride.


                                                                  Misty & Corri

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